Obscure White 1

Obscure White 1

Decorative Laminated Glass - Colourbean

Form5 "Colourbean" is a translucent coloured laminated glass and is produced by laminating coloured interlayers at high temperatures between 2 glass panels.


Product Name : Form5 Colourbean Color Laminated Glass

Color Name : Obscure White 1

Form5 "Colourbean" is available in 42 standard shades and can be available in 85 other shades if required.

Maximum Size
2745mm x 1200mm.

Form5 Colourbean Glasses can be:
Cut , edge worked, sand blasted , drilled.

Annealed Laminated glass: 10.8 mm . Tolerance +/- 0.5mm Heat Strengthened Laminated glass: 11.5 mm. Tolerance +/- 0.5mm Heat Strengthened Colourbean glass should be used for movement glasses like Doors, Changing room doors, sliding doors etc.

Minimum Size
300mm x 300mm.

Product Application
This product is suitable for all Interior domestic and commercial locations like offices , hotels, home for:
Partitions Doors - Sliding and swing Cladding

Compatible Adhesives:
Direct application of any adhesives / silicones
to the edge of laminated glass must be avoided.

This laminated glass is for interior application only, suitable for installation in any enclosed space. This glass is resistant to rooms and conditions with humidity and moisture. Prolonged exposure of edges to dampness or closeness to sources of heat (electric heaters, cooktops) should be avoided.

Transclucent Glass

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